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High Quality fidget spinners

Ever experienced going into a toy shop and not wanting to come empty handed? If you are a huge fan of fidget spinners you probably have been there. What happens is that as soon as you enter a place with a plethora of fidget spinners, all you want to do is buy as many of them as possible unless a time comes when your pocket cannot approve any more. If anybody is to be blamed for that, it’s not you, it’s the amazing variety of fidget spinners that magnetize you and you eventually end up buying lots of them.

As soon as the craze for one fidget spinner cools down another new variety hits the market. These days, there is a range of fidget spinners you can choose from with new additions coming in every day. All of them have gained massive popularity among the users.

Some fidget spinners called basic color fidget spinners are pretty simple in shape and structure. They have a similar style but come in different colors. The material they are made up of, usually plastic, is not very long lasting, but people adore them for simpler design and low price. If you don’t have the money to buy a fancy spinner, go for the simple ones.

There are some high quality fidget spinners on the market. These are named so because they are made up of a good material that lasts longer such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, brass, copper, bronze etc. Surely, everything that is durable deserves a little higher price. Therefore, high-quality spinners have a price slightly higher than the simple ones.

Another great thing about these spinners is that with quality comes quantity. Their numerous attractive shapes and color are probably what makes buyers throng to the toy shops in search of their favorite designs. There are multiple attractive shapes available such as three gear fidget spinner having three gears along a line, 5 gear fidget spinner with four gears surrounded by one at the center, samurai sword hand spinners resembling a sword, wing tipped spinner that has attractive wings around a golden disc, and much more. Each and every one of them has a unique temptation that you cannot resist.

There is a special collection of fidget spinners with the colors of the rainbow on the surface. Almost all of the rainbow color spinners are made up of metal. They have different shapes and sizes and exhibit rainbow colors somewhere on the surface. You will find them in remarkable shapes be; some are flower shaped, jewelry like, maze like, others are circular. One of them is dodo elephant fidget spinner. It is a comparatively huge one with drum shaped arms that sport beautiful rainbow colors. Apart from their shapes, the best thing about them is the mesmerizing blend of colors accompanied with optical illusions you see while rotating. It is not just physically relieving to spin them, but also visually enthralling.

Fidget spinner is a stress relieving as well as pocket-friendly toy. You can get them for $5 to $50 depending on your purchasing power.

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The difference between plastic fidget spinners and metal fidget spinners

The new fidget spinner mania has drawn children in from every place on the planet. Parents are being dragged to toy stores or CNG stations by their children in search of their favorite toy. Apart from physical stores, most of the major online markets have also been flooded by the myriad varieties of fidget spinners that keep attracting the users in every nook and corner of the country. The craze for these toys is not just seen among kids, adults are as much attracted to them as children. What has followed is not unexpected. There are talks about fidget spinners all over the social media with people inquiring all sorts of things from the type of fidget spinners to the tricks that can be performed with them.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, ‘what is the difference between plastic fidget spinners and metal fidget spinners?’ This article aims to explain the differences between the two types mentioned.

The first and probably the major difference between plastic and fidget spinners lie in the price. Since plastic is cheaper than metal, plastic fidget spinners are less expensive than the metal ones. You can get two to four of them in exchange of one metal spinner. Metal spinners, on the other hand, are quite expensive owing to the material they are made up of.

Although plastic spinners are light weight and more popular among users, metal spinners are adored for their longer spin time. Thanks to their light weight plastic fidget spinners are widely chosen for doing tricks. You can enjoy playing with them without having a fear that they might cause a harm to someone’s property. And you know if they break, you can buy another one for a few bucks. On the other hand, metal spinners being heavy make it a little difficult to do tricks and might break an object they hit. However, when it comes to spinning time, metal spinners have an edge over the plastic ones. They are heavier, and made up of copper, steel, bronze, or brass and therefore spin for a longer time. Just give them a little spin and enjoy the nice optical illusions on the metal body of these spinners for a long time.

In terms of shape and style, metal fidget spinners are available in a great variety, whereas plastic spinners usually come in one standard shape and size. There are a number of different shapes of metal fidget spinners that have earned huge popularity among the users and every day more and more styles are being added to the existing collection. Children are thrilled to be using a different color and style of their favorite fidget spinners.

Both the plastic and the metal fidget spinners have been a great attraction for kids and adults alike. Some find the former better, while some choose to buy the latter. After glancing at the differences, it would hopefully become easier for you to decide which one to go for.

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Why People Use Fidget Spinners

The three-disc toy has caught the interest of all and sundry. The spinning craze has not just limited its reach to children, adults too are seen standing in queues to grab their favorite spinners before they get out of stock. Some find the fondness for fidget spinners quite extraordinary.

Here are a few reasons as to why people love to use fidget spinners:

To relieve stress

People fidget to relieve stress. Before fidget spinners were introduced in the market, they used to do it with objects like a pen, balls, coins, pencils, etc. or move their hands and shake their legs. Where other methods to deal with anxiety make them look awkward, fidget spinners provide them with a legitimate or socially acceptable way to relieve themselves of nervousness.

Fidgeting is an effective way of relieving oneself of tension. Many users have been reported to feel better after a few rounds of fidgeting. Fidgeting has become so common that it hardly gets noticed. Therefore, I call it a less annoying way of releasing stress. If you have stress too, you can just pick up a fidget spinner and start fidgeting. I bet nobody would turn to look at you.

To do tricks with

Everyone likes doing tricks and watching others doing tricks. Kids, especially, feel a sense of achievement when they learn a new talent that they can showcase in front of their peers and earn admiration for. Children doing tricks with spinners at school, home, or even on the roads have become a routine sight. Many develop a newfound interest in spinners after seeing others using them deftly. The videos of YouTubers doing superb tricks have contributed a lot in increasing the craze all the more.

To collect for fun

Anything that earns great acceptance among users and is all over social media is the new mania. Kids and teenagers throng to market to buy as many varieties as possible. A lot of buyers aren’t interested in playing tricks or fidgeting; they just purchase the product for the sake of making a huge collection. Children, after all, feel a sense of pride in displaying their collection to the whole school. That is one of the reasons why fidget spinners sell like hot cakes.

To help concentrate

It is believed that fidgeting keeps those parts of the brain busy that distract other parts of your brain with arbitrary thoughts. Sometimes, disturbing and unhealthy thoughts pop up in mind that direct your attention to things you should not be thinking about, such as how is your life important, what impression you made on the person sitting next to you on the bus, would you look beautiful if your nose were a little pointed, why aren’t you successful in life, etc. These thoughts just harm your mental health. Fidgeting prevents these thoughts and helps you concentrate at work.

People who have a lot of thinking work to do use fidget spinners. That helps them to complete uninterrupted sessions of thinking and ultimately coming up with a good decision.

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